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Alabama County Deploys NG911 CAD System from GeoConex

Nov 04 2010

Chambers County (Ala.) 9-1-1/Emergency Management Agency (EMA) announced the county’s successful deployment of the GeoConex next- generation 9-1-1 (NG 9-1-1) CAD system, the GeoConex map viewer and the establishment of the 9-1-1 center’s off-site backup for disaster recovery. GeoConex is also providing Chambers County 9-1-1/EMA with IT services and technology hosting.

New technology has allowed Chambers County 9-1-1/EMA to be virtually consolidated with the city of Valley Police Department. When Chambers County 9-1-1/EMA gets an emergency call that pertains to Valley Police Department, dispatchers will instantly see the information taken by Chambers County 9-1-1/EMA on their screens — eliminating the process of transferring a call and having the police department re-enter the information.

With virtual consolidation, response time of first responders will be reduced by the instantaneous transfer of data to dispatchers. The call data received is shared over a secure T1 between both locations.

Chambers County processes approximately 50,000 calls per year. With the number of calls Chambers County receives annually, they needed to be able to provide service in the event of a disaster. With the center’s off-site backup established, the county will be able to be back up and running to provide service without delay.